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German to English translations: Translation expertise exclusively for German to English professional documents in all industries. I am a freelance 'online' translator, German and English native tongue, with degrees in English and German.

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"As an established international author excellence is my pledge. I offer competitive rates as a freelance translator from German to English. With research as my forte and a strong journalism background, I can vouch for the accuracy of business projects of any type or articles on any topic. Many years of writing experience allow me to produce ‘publish quality’ work in English. (See my profile at the link below). Being a native speaker of both German and English gives me the distinct advantage of an implicit feel for the nuances of both languages integral to any top quality translation."

Birgitt Lederer

Cape Town South Africa
Member of SATI... South African Translators' Institute

Approximate rates offered for German to English - (per source word):

* News/general interest articles and novels: Euro 0.08

* Business/research/technical docs: Euro 0.09

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International Author

Birgitt Lederer is the co-writer of ‘The Hidden Records – The Star of the Gods’.

The book’s controversial new findings completely overturn the history of humanity’s origins as we know it, giving new impetus to the evolution debate in the context of our ancestor’s most enduring legacy – the pyramids.

With her extensive background in broadcast journalism and publishing, she has brought her own flair to author Wayne Herschel’s compelling discoveries.

Birgitt, a language graduate from the University of Johannesburg, lived most of her life in South Africa. Over the years, her German roots would time and again compel her to travel back to her home town near Stuttgart to expand her command of the language, having grown up in a predominantly English speaking country. Prior to meeting Wayne she lived in London and Frankfurt where her corporate responsibilities only served to ignite her insatiable hunger for knowledge about humanity’s past and our spiritual beginnings.

While in Europe, her quest for answers invariably took her to sacred sites like Stonehenge, Glastonbury and New Grange, to mention but a few. By the time of her serendipitous encounter with Wayne during one of her brief visits back home to South Africa, she was already well versed in a whole range of subject matter on archaeo-astronomy. She would spend the next few years accompanying Wayne on his research in Egypt and other ancient sites, honing Wayne’s lifetime research into what was to be published as ‘The Hidden Records’ in 2003.

The full-colour glossy book, which has since gone international, takes the reader on a riveting journey from one clue to the next, presenting the strongest evidence to date that we have never ever been alone in the universe.


Top 10 Amazon Book Review:

"For those who like to think out of the box, who admit that there are so many possibilities to explain our existence in the universe, for those hungry and adventuresome minds this book THE HIDDEN RECORDS is a little fascinating feast!"

"Herschel, ably assisted by Birgitt Lederer, does not alienate spirituality (if anything their thoughts are closer to deity than to science)."

"This is a book to exercise the mind and the imagination, and reading it opens windows into understanding the universe in ways we have never wondered. It is a fine read and a feast for the mind."

Grady Harp

Amazon top 10 ranking reviewer
Los Angeles, USA

My daily work time zone is generally along the EET time zone highlighted

links: The Hidden Records