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Translations exclusively from German into English
With German my mother tongue and as an English first-language native, I offer clients seeking to translate their documents from German into English a distinct advantage: An innate feel for the nuances invariably prevalent in the source language (German) and the effect this will have on their end-product (English).

My early formative years were spent in my country of birth Germany, also living & working there sporadically later on. This instilled in me a natural acumen for my mother tongue. Even so, with a greater proportion of my life spent in English-speaking countries from early on, English is the language I articulate myself in with the greatest ease, expertise and expressiveness - hence the offer of German into English (and not the reverse).

This is also in line with the ethics of the translation industry. A ubiquitous ethic which not only urges translators to translate exclusively into their native language - given it is their first language and they command it with a proficiency that is flawless. With every translation I strive towards the utmost perfection always keeping in mind the prerequisites of the client and the target audience it is intended for.

This ethic forms a key aspect of my Mission Statement: Excellence is my pledge!

From media career to author turned translator
Translation was a career direction that had always drawn me to it. As an Honours graduate in both English and French, my degrees from the University of Johannesburg would additionally equip me with a German major, a solid command of Afrikaans and a foundation in Italian.

The next two decades would culminate in the cumulative experience that a variety of fast-paced broadcasting & publishing media environments and corporations in Johannesburg, London and Frankfurt had given my career. With the dawn of the new millennium and with the age of the World Wide Web breaking all barriers of the past and the marketplace having become a vastly global one, translation was the logical direction my career would gravitate towards.

It all began with the freedom of having become my own agent in the context of a co-authoring role of a published book and the research trips associated with it: 'The Hidden Records - The Star of the Gods' (ref). The next logical step was to embark on my own entrepreneurial career.

I launched my translation business Birgitt Lederer online in 2008. It has since become the platform that has allowed me to turn my clients' valued German source documents into top-notch English renditions thereof at the hands of my English language expertise and expertise in a range of specialisations. Today it performs as a consistently successful operation with ongoing new business from German into English. My clients are both translation agencies and companies or private individuals approaching me directly. The repeat business I get speaks for itself.

Enlist the services of a degreed, experienced and published language professional!

Proficiency across a palate of industries
My forte is in the creative use of the English language not only for fiction and non-technical books in general (see Translations by a published author below), but also for autobiographies (see Will help you let your legacy live on in English below) and translations on a corporate level.

I believe my career in the broadcasting & publishing media and across a diversity of corporate environments (be it in consulting, entertainment, manufacture, marketing and production industries) has set the tone for the confidence to be able to translate professionally for a vast variety of industries and to run a business that prospective clients can have full confidence in.

Together with eight years of hands-on experience in the translation industry I consider myself well versed in creating target-orientated translations from German into English in a range of topics. My experience base covers marketing, magazines, advertising, press releases, flyers, brochures, websites and internet articles. Press, news and feature articles speak for themselves from my newsroom and publishing background. Strengths also include the culinary industry, job applications, job postings and CVs.

Added to this range, is the creation of succinct headings and titles that are key to effective marketing.

Company websites and material translated include a diversity of industries e.g. from tourism, culinary, health & wellness, environmental and cultural through to all forms of consumerism, retail, IT advances, services, as well as specific sectors such as transportation i.e. airports, harbours, travel and breakthroughs in the energy sector; contingency guidelines for topics such as flood prevention and safety & security - and these are only the tip of the iceberg of the full range. For a summary of translation topics covered go to SERVICES.

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Target-orientated translation no matter the topic!

Translations by a published author
The period prior to establishing my own translation business was dedicated to a co-authoring role. I am the co-author of 'The Hidden Records - The Star of the Gods' (ref). Published in 2003 it retains consistently high rankings internationally. In a nutshell, the book's controversial new findings completely overturn the history of humanity's origins as we know it, giving new impetus to the evolution debate in the context of our ancestors' most enduring legacy - the pyramids.

My extensive background in broadcast journalism and publishing, passion for languages together with hands-on analytical, interpretation and writing skills, would allow me to turn the author's lifetime research, into a palatable book for everyman. As would my innate curiosity about the archaeo-astronomy sites the research trips accompanying the author would take me to. It is a book that takes the reader on a riveting journey from one clue to the next, presenting the strongest evidence to date that we have never ever been alone in the universe.

Let me give expression to your German book in English! With my translation skill set, authors, writers and publishers need look no further if they aspire towards turning their non-technical German books into an English edition fit for publishing.

A self-published author to help you take your first step to getting published!

Calling all writers and authors!
As a published author and translator with sizeable media background, I consider myself to be in a particularly good position to assist specifically German writers and authors with translating their own non-technical works into compelling publish-quality English renditions thereof in a first step to a wider readership. Several such translations undertaken by me are with publishers initiated by their authors at present and cannot be named. However, to get an idea of some of the non-technical books translated by me and published in English, go to PUBLICATIONS or follow this link.

Not only published authors, but any German writer seeking to make a name for him/herself or seeking exposure for their material, research or literary creations will have a greater chance of success when the global marketplace is accessed and therewith an English readership. As a prospective client, you will have the peace of mind of publish-quality work from me for your book.

In English your book too can access the global marketplace!

Let your legacy live on in English
You've worked hard at it, have many hours of putting your memories into words behind you and it is complete at last! That precious mark you will leave on planet earth for all eternity - the autobiography that is your legacy! One thing you may have overlooked at this stage is that it is in the language that exclusive English speakers who may meanwhile have become your descendants and prospective readers may not necessarily be conversant with. Hence your legacy goes unread by those whom you wanted to share it with most, the next generation. But this does not have to happen to you!

Over the years I have successfully translated a number of German autobiographies and subject-specific legacies into English. The authors thereof were consistently excited about eventually being in a position to share their life story and achievements with everyone that mattered. I too can turn your life story into a compelling legacy for it to appeal to a wider context of prospective readers. As for anyone at the receiving end of an autobiography in German handed down to them, imagine their awe at being able to read it in their English mother tongue at last. If you think about it, a legacy can reach well beyond the confines of family members and friends. In English, it can be afforded that chance.

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Let your legacy live on in English! "Procrastination is the thief of time." (E.Young).

A published English travel guide translator
One of my more recent success stories as an experienced travel writer has been as one of the dedicated translators of the German Marco Polo travel guide series into English. The product re-launch by the German publisher MairDumont to date began in 2012. I translated eight volumes each comprising some 30,000 words. My credentials are at the back under Credits if you LookInside on Amazon.UK. See Algarve, French Riviera, New York, Cape Town, South Africa, Madrid, Scotland and Egypt's Red Sea Resorts. The reviews speak for themselves! (Please ignore the reviews that are not applicable to my books. Amazon it seems is posting unrelated reviews and bundling them. Regrettably they will not rectify!)

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These publications are only the tip of the iceberg of numerous travel publications, magazines, brochures and websites that have relied on my expertise in this sector in the past years - a skill set that I believe is the direct manifestation of my own affinity with travel and skill in embellishing any destination experience.

You too can let your tourism operation go places. Enlist the services of a published English travel guide translator.

Translate it into English and the world is your oyster!

Quality is king - Competitive rates - Deadlines upheld
I believe any success story goes hand in hand with a strong work ethic. Aside from the individualised attention any document that comes my way will receive from me personally, what counts with any translation is that quality is king. You can rest assured that any translation leaving this office has been accomplished by me personally and has come under the scrutiny of a final read by an independent party before delivery. Delivery deadlines are consistently upheld as are competitive rates. The more flexible your deadline the more cost-effective the offer I am able to make you!

Excellence is my pledge! Publish-quality translations my benchmark! Competitive prices guaranteed!

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