Special offer for authors and publishers

Book cover design FREE OF CHARGE
As a courtesy for enlisting my services as a translator, I offer to have a dedicated graphics designer render you a complete book cover ready for conversion to CMYK in the DTP layout for printing. This free service is only on offer for a complete book project translation or any project involving more than 100 pages translation (novels, fiction books & autobiographies).

For an example of designs on offer, a recent autobiography completed for a client seen here. He chose a few of his own personal photographs and a few that the designer blended into a collage. The designer also digitally touched up some blemishes and damage after they were scanned. The book cover format chosen here is ideal for a sturdy laminated paperback.

In this instance 'Papyrus' was the font recommended to and readily welcomed by the client in how it complements the essence of his subject matter. You can of course choose your own within the parameters of what is easily available if you can name and identify the specific font. The front and back covers with spine as seen here have obviously been reduced in size to give you an overview of what your book too could potentially look like once translated.

Free book cover design as part of my translation package

Free spine design as part of my translation package

free back cover design as part of my translation package

Terms & Conditions for Special Offer:
This is a courtesy service and with that in mind you will appreciate that there are a few straightforward Terms & Conditions that shall apply should you decide to make use of the offer.

Work on the cover will commence and delivery thereof will take place only after the final payment has been received for the translation project. An average cover requires a few days of work as a general time frame.

Client input welcome. You may supply your own images or photos (provided they do not hold the copyright of a third party) and ideas. The graphic artist will try source some free usage images in some cases on general themes but these situations are very limited to only what is available for free usage online.

The final rendition of the brief given by the client will be followed as far as possible. The design will be upheld and reproduced as closely as is reasonably possible within the designer's skill set and tools.

Please note it will be in 600 DPI JPG format and the printer will simply convert it to CMYK and set it up according to printing specifications. You need to work out what dimensions your book will be and how thick your spine will be. You also need to have filed for your ISBN number and have the bar code ready to add. Special fonts are possible only if the client knows the exact name of the font he would like to use.

No metalic fonts or book embossing is included as this requires the work input that only a printer designer can complete.

Birgitt Lederer will not be liable for any deviations of the perceived brief nor for any monetary reimbursements should the end result not be entirely in line with the mandate given, or the client's preconceived perception of the outcome of the mandate given. Nor will Birgitt Lederer be liable for any losses or perceived losses at a later stage from the cover that has been accepted by the client and taken receipt of and that may subsequently have been used for marketing purposes for the book.

Birgitt Lederer reserves the right to: Decline a client a cover if deemed too complex for the designer's skill set and tools; or cease work on a cover if returned repeatedly outside the confines of reasonability for changes and amendments. Should either such scenario arise, this does not constitute a reimbursement of payment for part of the translation.

Use of this offer must be requested at the outset of the translation. Birgitt Lederer has the right to withdraw the offer at any point in time, but will not do so once agreed to with the client and provided the request has been made by the time the first payment for the project has been made. By accepting that Birgitt Lederer has a book cover (front, back & spine) produced for your book, you accept the Terms & Conditions stated on this page.

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